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    Ive been a fan of breast bondage videos for a long time. You could say Im kind of like a connoisseur of breast bondage videos. With that being said, I can honestly say that I havent seen a breast bondage video of this caliber in a very long time. I mean, sure it has the basics of a breast bondage video, large supple tits and hardcore bondage. But what really makes this breast bondage video stand out, what really makes this breast bondage video in a class by itself is the rope blindfold. That alone makes this breast bondage film worth seeing.

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    Pain Virgins Extreme Bondage. The title really says it all. I could go on and on describing how much fun it is to watch girls experience an extreme bondage session for the first time, how they nervously smile as their bodies are wrecked and ravaged by the mistress in red leather. I could go into great detail about how great this extreme bondage film really is and how it is truly a must see for all those who love watching extreme bondage films. But I wont If you really want to know how great this extreme bondage video is, I suggest you watch it for yourself.

    Gia is one of those beautiful woman you would look at and thing she has been doing porn from the start... Beautiful, sexy & dirty as all hell. Well here she is showing us what she has kept a secret. She is a bondage whore who get turned on just from the feel of the ropes.

    She turned me on & impressed me so much that we decided not to stop at the end of the shoot.... but that's for another update!

    View the full update here
    Welcome Holly Heart to our normal Device Bondage rotation of updates. You first saw her in the August live show. She was "sauce girl", the one that freaked out when we put the hot sauce on her shaved pussy.

    Well our hard body former college athlete is back and ready for some more. So we get her perfect muscular ass sticking out for inspection. Holly has one horrible secret and curse: after she cums her clit is so sensitive, that over stimulation sends her though the roof!

    You can just make this girl cum for ever and she hates it! It hurts so good but so bad, and she can do nothing but scream, and I mean fucking scream bloody murder when we make her cum over and over. Turn down the headphones and speakers people, you have been so warned!

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